Welcome to Womboota Pottery,

an Australian artisan ceramic studio, located in rural NSW.

Making pottery has been part of our family’s life for three generations.

We use traditional, time-honoured wheel-throwing and handcrafting techniques to produce a range of beautiful, durable stoneware & porcelain pottery.

All our pottery is created right here in our studio in Womboota, NSW, Australia.

From our studio to your table: every pot has a story.

What’s New in the Studio

Winter Sunshine

It’s midwinter. Probably raining outside. And the days are short, the nights are long and dark…That’s when you really need a vase of fresh flowers in the house to give a hint of sunshine, springtime and better days ahead. But the there’s nothing inspiring in the garden. Or is there? Look to…

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Pottery that’s good to look at & good to live with.

A useful & beautiful addition to your home, or a lovely, thoughtful gift…to be treasured & used again and again through the years.

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cups & mugs

mug $42.00
mug $42.00
cup $38.00
‘Share the Moment’ Gift Set: 2 cups, gift-boxed, $66.00
‘Share the Moment’ Gift Set: 2 mugs, gift-boxed, $66.00


jug, small, $34.00
jug, medium, $46.00
jug, medium, $48.00


bowl, medium, $32.00
bowl, small, $30.00

vases & storage pots

storage cylinder or vase $28-$34