Welcome to Womboota Pottery,

an Australian artisan ceramic studio, located in the far southwest of NSW’s Riverina plains country. Making pottery has been part of our family’s life for three generations.

All our pottery is designed and handcrafted in small batches here in our studio in Womboota, NSW, Australia.

The traditional wheel-throwing and hand-decorating processes we use mean that each pot is unique, with its own subtle variations in form and colour. The marks of hand and brush tell the story of its making. The pot is not just useful or stylish – it has personality. It brings a little extra character and individuality to your home and daily life.

Of course, appearance isn’t everything. When beautiful pottery is part of everyday life, it’s got to work well. We keep this in mind when making our pots – and putting them to the test at our dinner table, office desk, and in the kitchen (possibly the toughest testing ground!). Experience handed down through three generations of potters helps us make handles that are strong and comfortable to hold. Surfaces you can clean. Mugs and jugs that are well balanced and don’t spill easily when you sip or tip.

Pottery that’s good to look at and good to live with.

POTTER’S NOTE You’ll notice that some of the pots in our current range are fully glazed. Others are glazed on the inside and just over the rim. This gives an interesting tactile contrast between the sheen of glaze and the softer, natural feel of the matte stoneware surface.

Like both options? Mix and match pieces! The harmonious, earthy colours and the contrasting textures work well together.

cups & mugs

a sleek, simple cup or a classic, cosy mug…which one is yours?

grasslands CUP

$39.00 incl. postage BLUE GLAZE

grasslands MUG

$42.00 incl. postage BLUE GLAZE

grasslands MUG

$42.00 incl. postage BUFF GLAZE

horizons MUG

$42.00 (lge) $38.00 (med) incl. postage

windswept MUG

$38.00 incl. postage


‘Share The Moment’ Gift Sets

These specially curated pairs of cups and mugs just belong together – different yet harmonious, just like many good relationships & friendships!

Share The Moment CUP & MUG PAIRS

$66.00, gift boxed set (price incl. postage)

jugs & juglets

grasslands JUG

$54.00 incl. postage BUFF GLAZE

grasslands JUGLET

$34.00 incl. postage BUFF GLAZE

woodsmoke JUG

$48.00 incl. postage

grasslands JUG, small

$42.00 incl. postage BLUE


grasslands BOWL, medium

$34.00 incl. postage BUFF GLAZE

grasslands BOWL, small

$24.00 incl. postage BUFF GLAZE



From $28.00 ea. incl. postage BUFF TONES


From $28.00 ea. incl. postage BLUE TONES


Table, Desk & Shelf Decor – Gift Sets

Set of 3 small posy or bud vases, gift boxed

$62.00, gift boxed incl. postage

Set of 3 miniature beehives, gift boxed

$52.00, gift boxed incl. postage